Flawless Skin

Every woman wants beautiful skin – but of course – not at the cost of freedom. In today’s life, the new generation is totally dependent on technology. Whenever they need an answer for their quest or need a solution for some problem they will only follow one thing i.e. Google” – no matter whether they will find the best solution or not. Because. “GOOGLE” is trending nowadays as a source to get instant answers within a second even without spending too much time of heading out anywhere.

Beautiful Skin

Now it’s your choice ladies, how you will be going to choose the perfect solution for your skin problems among hundreds of results on your google searches. In this digital generation, everyone has got the chance to share their views with billions of populations across the world which makes Google results with full of articles and blogs on cosmetics such as skin care products etc. However, nothing is written to publish the real things that can really help you to make your skin flawless. These are just written to generate revenue for their business via fake and attracting reviews not to seriously care about your skin but to influence you to buy these products.

I made a mistake approximately one year back; when I suddenly suffered from a very bad skin reaction due to lack of proper diet and without seeking a Doctor, I chose to search about the reaction type and its medication on the Internet. As expected, I got results related to my search and without thinking much I just bought the same medicine from the medical store which was written the best solution for my skin type reaction. After using that tube, when I woke up the next morning; I was surprised seeing that the outer skin of my face was totally burnt out which later ended up my skin with scars. Finally, I had spent too much to recover my skin and took proper medication from a specialized doctor. So, stop searching for medication on the internet and go through the below tips to get flawless skin:

Here are the tips which do not require a routine follow like the medication:

1. Go to bed on Time

Good Sleep

Too much work and stress don’t let us feel fresh and active which results in early aging. “Not to take too much stress” here doesn’t mean that you can stop each of your work and start chatting with your friends till midnight. It also counts not to have a romantic chit chat with your boyfriend whole nights on phone or laptops.  It means you must take complete rest without letting affected your skin with any type of radiations which gets emitted by smartphones and laptops.

2. Keep Your Skin Clean all the Time

Clean Skin

Always keep in your mind that never go to bed without the cleansing of your face. You might not able to see through your naked eye but there so much dirt which gets accumulated in your skin pores every day which results in a scar, pimples, and allergy. So, clean your face with herbal face wash thrice in a day at least and apply herbal pore tightening gel before going to bed.

3. Do not Inhale Smoke

Don't Smoke

We have been warned by everyone always that ‘Smoking is injurious for health” still we used to ignore all warning around us and start considering our habit of smoking as our best accessories for the daily outfit. Smoke gradually starts contributing to developing wrinkles on our skin no matter we are inhaling smoke directly or indirectly, it narrows the blood vessels in an upper layer of skin and results in fading away from the glow from the skin. As blood vessels are the carrier of oxygen to our skin cannot glow without the oxygen. So, stop smoking and be aware of inhaling smoke through your friends too.

4. Avoid Going out in Sunshine

Avoid SunlightTo get healthy skin, you must be aware of avoiding your skin from direct heat ….do not worry I am not talking about the fire— instead, I am talking about the direct sunlight. Avoid going out at direct sun rays and in case of emergency wear sunscreen. Due to a busy schedule or too much focus on our daily targets as professionals make us forget that we should cover up our skin with soft muffler while heading out to work every day.

5. Start Saying NO!!!!!!!!!

Say No

I know you will be surprised knowing how ‘No’ word will be related to healthy skin. You might not imagine that saying Yes for every project and yeas for every favor to others can lead you to so much stress and tension which will later cause skin dullness and aging. So, never give a shit to others’ sake and feel fresh.


In the end, I would like to say thanks for reading this blog carefully and advise you not to believe each and every content on the internet.  Just be hygienic and get healthy skin. In case, you get allergic due to any reason just seek a doctor and take proper medication and care. Also, do not forget to follow the above tips to look young and fresh always.


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