Winters are very special time for most of the Indians because it is main festival season during the whole year. Most of the festival like Durga Pooja, Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali takes place at the starting of October and ends till November end often… which brings us the best chance for the long term holidays. This time slot remains the best option for youngsters to plan a mind-blowing holiday in those areas where winter starts affecting from October and provide us with a chance to have a glimpse of most beautiful sights.

Today, let me enlighten you about those places you may have ever read about. As you know, most of the people choose to plan a trip to the famous places always but an untold and beautiful place remains unplanned and unseen by them.

Today I will introduce you to the hidden places from the geography of most beautiful places as it is a little bit difficult to reach there for every person. Here, I am not talking about known places like Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala, Dehradun and Nainital but something new place which you can explore below:

Bhimtaal (In Uttrakhand)

Bhimtaal is located in the northern state of India named as Uttrakhand and famous in nearby located villages and towns for its deepest and silent lake. This lake is becoming centre of attraction for the tourists gradually due to its Island in the centre of a lake.


Apart from this lake, there are some other places where people love to spend their times like, sunset point, lovers point and for some religious people Bimtaal temple is a most important place which is situated on the embankment of Bhimtal Lake.

Triund (In Himachal Pradesh)

This is the best place for trek lovers, most of the people called Triund as heaven in the earth for trek lovers. If you are fade –up of working till late hours in hot metro cities then Triund is the best place for chill out in long-term holidays – you can plan your festival season holiday for trekking in this place your friends.


Triund hill is situated at 10,632 feet or 32406336 meters. However, it may be a little bit difficult to plan the trekking for outsiders but if you can directly visit Dharamshala you can easily reach the lowest price there.

Mahabalipuram (In Tamil Nadu)

Like other states definitely, Tamil Nadu also remains hot in all over a year but its temperatures start decreases from October to December. Mahabalipuram is located in southern area of India and earlier it was known as Mamallapuram.


This place is very much famous for its imprinted intricate temples as well as caves which are made up by cutting rocks. If you belong to not too cold places then definitely you can plan a few days trip to this place.


Kamakhya Temple (In Assam)

Although, this temple is very famous as “Menstruating Goddess Temple” which is situated at Guwahati in Assam still I would like to write about this and encourage people to visit and learn about its ancient story which was related to Lord Siva and her wife Sati. I do not want you to lose curiosity upon this.

Kamakhya Temple

 Gulmarg  (In Kashmir)

If you are really dying to enjoy the snow this winter then Gulmarg is the best place for planning trip for snow trekking which remains bedded with the thick layer of snow at the time of year-end months. Gulmarg is famous as one of the most liked skiing resorts in India which are situated at 26900 meters of elevation.


In the end, I would like to suggest that whenever you are booking any trip does not go to the trip advisor agencies. Always try to hang out with friends by your own because like this you will save as much as money can be possible to save and also you can do friendship with the local people that will enlighten you about the hurdles that come across your trip. Because we should never plan a trip to an unknown place without knowing those place properly so be aware and be safe!!!


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